When you choose FamousPugs.com, you benefit from our Years of experience in the breed as well as our Pug expert Veterinarians. We test all of our potential parents & only select the highest quality for breeding to alleviate potential for blatant genetic issues in future offspring. We will always be there to answer your questions and point you in the right direction for the life of your Pug.


About Famous Pugs

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We are a Network of breeders located in Southern California, we decided to become a TEAM and consolidate our breeding program amongst our team and our team only, this allows us to offer top quality Pug puppies for sale through a single source (Our Website) while maintaing strict breeding standards and offering Fanciers (You) a one stop shop to locate a quality Pug, Quality Pugs are Very hard to find and we make the process easy, creating this team of breeders makes it easier for You the Pug Fancier to find a Quality, Healthy Pug puppy because each breeder has litters at different times through the year so there are always pups available throughout the year, We have YEARS of combined experience because each breeder in our network has been into the breed at least 10+ years and we do not allow any breeders to become a part of our team until they pass and maintain our strict code of ethics as well as an inspection of their home and breeding program.