FamousPugs.com got our Name when we first sold a Puppy to a well known Celebrity client and that puppy made an appearance in a movie, Once that Celebrity showed Her Puppy to her Celebrity friends even more Celebs “Came-a-callin”  Actors, Athletes, Singers, Reality Stars and the list goes on. 

That being said, here at FamousPugs we do not and will not name drop, if you are one of those People that put your socks on one at a time just like I do, but happens to have a Job entertaining millions of people, weather on TV Singing, acting, entertaining or in other words, your FAMOUS!, you can be rest assured that we will not name drop or use your Image and we have no problems signing a confidentiality agreement in the process of you purchasing your new baby. 
We understand that purchasing a family pet is a very personal experience and a lot of times you and your family will come out to us or we come out to your home to bring your new baby, and we realize the importance of Privacy and Professionalism and it is important to us that you feel 100% comfortable with the process, so no need to worry when you purchase a puppy from FamousPugs.com
We Do have a few Celebs that have expressed the fact that they don’t mind us posting pics of them along with the Pug puppies that they have gotten from us and some have encouraged us to do so, we are currently debating if we will create a page of the Famous folks that want to be a part of our Celebrity page, if we in-fact create one that will not change the fact of us keeping your confidentiality the Utmost of importance