Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What’s the difference between a Pug and a Chinese Pug?
ANSWER: Absolutely nothing. Pugs are known as Pug Dogs, Pugs, and Chinese Pugs interchangeably. All registries including The American and English Kennel Clubs register the breed as the Pug, as does the International registry, the FCI.

QUESTION: Do Pugs really snore that much, or that loudly?
ANSWER: In a word, yes. Almost every Pug snores, and usually it’s not as loud as a person, but it can easily be mistaken for someone snoring. Pugs snort, snarl and snore and fart too. Just expect them to be Human like when it comes to bodily noises but the great thing is that they are not yappy nor barkers.

QUESTION: Pugs have short hair so they don’t shed very much, do they?
ANSWER: Pugs have both a top coat and an undercoat, with the top coat having long straight hairs and the undercoat having softer fluffy straight hairs. Normal hair length on a Pug is about 3/4 of an inch, although they can be longer. Don’t let anyone tell you that Pugs do not shed – they are more interested in getting you to take one than telling you the truth. Pugs shed but if you give them a good weekly brushing it will not be an issue, also if you like black pugs then the great thing is they hardly shed because most black pugs no not have a double coat.

QUESTION: I don’t want a dog in the house. Why can’t Pugs stay outdoors?
ANSWER: Pugs cannot tolerate high heat and humidity for very long. Dogs cool off by panting and their long tongues and noses give them more cooling area. Pugs have virtually no cooling area for their bodies, so they can (and will) literally over heat and die in less than 30 minutes outdoors in high heat and/or humidity.

QUESTION: Why do Pugs have flat faces and lots of wrinkles?
ANSWER: Because a long time ago someone decided that Pug faces should be as flat as possible. The wrinkles are there because the Chinese emperors wanted lucky symbols on the dogs foreheads, and wrinkles were the best way to get them.

QUESTION: With all those wrinkles, what special care do Pug faces need?
ANSWER: Care of wrinkles in Pugs varies, as some dogs are prone to holding moisture in the wrinkles, while others do not. In general, wrinkle care is as simply as using a tissue (don’t use a cotton swab as you can poke too hard with it) and wiping out the wrinkles on a weekly basis. Pugs, while having no-noses, are some of the nosiest dogs out there, and tend to gather a lot of grungy stuff (that’s the technical term for it) in their wrinkles. If the wrinkles also trap moisture in them, then the moisture and grungy stuff combine and the wrinkles can quickly be infected. This is like having athlete’s foot but on the Pug’s face. It needs to be treated and watched for but as long as you wipe there faces once a week it will not be an issue.

QUESTION: How much daily care do they actually require then?
ANSWER: Really not that much. On a weekly basis, you should brush their coat, keep their faces clean and check their eyes for problems. Most Pugs take about 20 minutes a week. Monthly, you should also trim their toe nails, and maybe give them a bath if they need it. Many owners find using a shedding comb monthly greatly reduces the amount of Pug hair on their clothes and carpets.

QUESTION:How long do Pugs normally live?
ANSWER: Being a small breed, healthy Pugs normally live from 12 to 14 years, but can live for many more. Becoming a Pug owner becomes a long-term commitment when you realize that you can have a Pug for as long as your children are going to school!

QUESTION: Do Pugs make good watch dogs or guard dogs?
ANSWER: Not usually. Some pugs may alert you that someone is nearby by barking gently (Pugs don’t bark loudly, in general, because it’s muffled by the lips), but most Pugs are more interested in greeting new people rather than scaring them off. The look of the Pug often will scare people – especially if you have a Bull-mastiff in the yard too. Then you can just say that the Pug is a puppy and it grows up into the Bull-mastiff (sorry, that’s Pug humor).

QUESTION: Do Pugs really like to dress up in costumes like I see in all the pictures?
ANSWER: Actually, they usually do. Pugs are very extroverted dogs, and do just about anything for a laugh from their people. If they discover that wearing a costume makes you happy, they’ll do it. If it gets them laughter and applause, that’s even better!

QUESTION: Pugs are so cute, everyone wants one, and mine cost so much, I can really make some money if I breed my girl Pug, can’t I?
ANSWER: That’s very doubtful. The costs of raising Pugs are pretty high. Start with the breeding: Pugs should be at least two years old, and need to be tested for eye problems, hip problems, and brucellosis before they’re bred. Your girl should be up to date on all her shots before you go into this, as well as wormed. Then pay the stud fee, which is usually the price of a puppy or more. Then the Price of semen shipped to you, or If you ship your girl, add a few hundred more there too to get her to him and back. Then there’s the waiting time, and hoping she’s bred. If she is, consider that she may require a C-section. Many female Pugs have narrow hips, and with their big heads, Pug puppies can’t fit into the birth canal. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an average litter of four or five puppies. But if they were born by C-section, the dam may not be able or willing to nurse the pups. So, you’ll need bottles and formula, a way to keep the pups warm, and round the clock feedings for the first few days at least. Will you have to take a week off from work to raise the puppies at first? Add that cost into the figures. There’s much more than putting two dogs together. And rarely do breeders show a profit in doing so when they count up time and actual expenses.

QUESTION: Will everyone tell me my Pug is “so ugly it’s cute?”
ANSWER: Yes, probably many times. Some people just don’t appreciate the good looks of a nice pug. Some people don’t appreciate Picasso’s works, either.