Pug history and lineage

pug history and lineage

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The pug, which is also very commonly known as Mops, Carlin, and Pug, is considered to be one of the most adored and favored amongst dog breeds all over the world. The name pug has been derived from the Latin word “fist” or the age old word “Pugg” which basically means playful little monkeys.

Pug history and lineage

In terms of history of pug history and lineage, very little is actually known about them. This is due to the fact that very little information has actually been collected and recorded about this breed.

However, one thing is for sure that they originated from China a couple of decades ago.

In stylized form, they have been found to appear in numerous Chinese paintings.

If reports are actually to be believed, they can even be found in some of the paintings of Confucius.

Now you might be thinking that of all the countries in the world, why could the dominant part of pug history and lineage be traced back to China. Well, the main reason is that pugs, along with all the other dog breeds who had short noses were highly preferred by the Chinese emperors of that century.
However, the pugs that we know today has actually originated from England. The earliest pugs which arrived in the scene were actually in the 16th century. Even though they were referred to as Dutch Mastiffs, they actually had no such connection with Mastiffs in general.

That is why you can see that in pug history and lineage, no such connections could be made between the pugs and the Mastiffs.

On the other hand, if we fast forward to the current generation, it can be seen that no such difference can be found between the modern pugs and those that appeared in the Georgian period. However, the only exception which can be found is in terms of the cropped ears. Compared to all the other breed of dogs, this has been found to be the purest.


In terms of pug lineage, the average height of pugs have been found to be 35 centimeters. On the other hand, if you are talking about pug puppies, they can be smaller than this size as well.

In terms of weight, it has been found to weigh around seven pounds. The pugs usually have a large and spherical head with round eyes.

The most distinguishing feature about them is their nose which can be compared to a button but slightly pushed in. In addition, they also have a short and distinctly square muzzle along with a slightly wrinkled forehead.


The pugs have been found to have a glossy and short haired coat. In terms of the color of coat, you will be able to find it in various colors. Some of the most common ones are black, apricot, fawn, and silver.

Even though pugs are considered to be an average shedder, you will see that they shed more or less the whole year round.

Therefore, in order to control the amount of shedding which is occurring, brush your pug regularly feed them nutritious food and give them plenty of water..

Pug history and lineage

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